Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Better than sleep

Browsing the new Mummy books B.L. (before Louis), I remember being horrified when I read that most new parents miss out on between 600 and 800 hours sleep in the first year of their baby's life. Imagine how horrified I'd have been had I'd known then that that figure was actually conservative. I reckon I'm down at least double that amount, if not more. 

Which probably explains the anomaly that the past 360 or so days seems to have aged me far more than they've aged Louis. He only looks one year older; I look.... no, I won't go there. But despite time marching swiftly on, I'm less worried about the coming 12 months than the ones just gone and it's all down to something our friend Colette said during our recent trip to Geneva. (And yes, the Geneva anecdote justifies the pics.) 

She told me that as a new second-time Mum she actually felt older than she'd felt for the past couple of years hanging out with their four-year-old, Noah. Yup, unlikely as it sounds, apparently once you get through the early parenthood stresses it's possible just to relax and enjoy being a young family. With that in mind, bring on the next 12 months. That said, I really can't imagine losing out on another 1,000-plus hours sleep.
En famille by Lac Leman
Bebe plage
Il marche aux quatre pieds - straight into the lac
Walking boy
A young Colette and Noah

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