Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great birthday wishes


There's birthdays, and then there's great birthdays. And my grandpa's 92nd birthday today definitely falls into the latter category. Not least because since Louis came along, his status has been elevated from "merely grand, to great". (I quote from the card he sent when Louis was born.) 

92. It makes you think, doesn't it. About lots of things but mainly that if Louis is lucky enough to clock up a similar number, then he'll have lived to see in a brand new century. The 22nd. Now there's a thought. Happy birthday (Great) Grandpa! 


CC said...

2 of Tommy's great grandmothers were born in 1908, 100 years before T and L. They were both amazed at living into the 2000's. I hope our guys get to see the 2100's, and are with it enough to realize and appreciate it.

A Modern Mother said...

92, wow. Born at the onset of WW1?! The end of Britian's golden era -- what stories he must have to tell... Happy birthday