Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BMB Carnival time!

So, it's carnival time. Which for the unBritishMummyBloggersinitiated is a bi-monthly celebration of blogging posts. I had intended to suggest a theme, but didn't get the chance because entries started arriving about four weeks ago! And if you think that means I haven't pulled them all together at the last minute, well, think again. Enjoy. I know I did.

Pants with Names wonders how kids suss us out so quickly

Kate takes 5 seconds to embarrass her other half....

Muddling along Mummy wants to know if it's possible to fall back in love?

Carly at Mummyshoes on the cut throat world of baby modeling

21stcenturymummy tackles the torture that is miscarriage

Mama and More bemoans how she’d rather her little girl never felt she needed make up

Musings of a Busy Mum muses how to make the best of a bad soup

Maggie at Red Ted Art, on making a hobby horse for 50p

Mummy From the Heart sees red

New Mummy wants people to give mums a break

Sharon at I heart Motherhood on The big C

Hot Cross Mum reveals how dads are really from mars

Mary at A Small Hand in Mine has some wise words from Dr Seuss

Rachel at Mid 30s Life on beating the gym humiliation

Mission to Motherhood seeks the hidden domestic goddess within

Metal Mummy on debunking common myths


Hanzor said...

Awww mine didn't make it on the list :( Ah well, I'll try again next time.

Hannah x


Babies who brunch said...

@Hanzor: Sorry, sorry! Oversight due to incompetence. Have rectified now!!

Hanzor said...

Aww thank you :D I wasn't expecting to be added at all, but thanks :) x

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Aw thanks for including me, even if I am the latest of late things. Bookmarking this for lots of fun reading later

New Mummy said...

Thank you for including me x

amodernmother said...

Thanks so much for putting this together!

21st Century Mummy said...

Great round up, lots more reading for the rest of us! x

Sharon said...

Thanks so much for including me!! :-)

mama-andmore said...

Ooh, thanks so much for including me! Am about to tuck into some of the other blogs now. Thanks for doing this! xx