Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On the road.....again

The classic shot
LJ in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico: simultaneously 
Four Corners Monument

You might think we could have gone anywhere we liked with our fortnight's holiday at the end of our big US adventure, but you'd have been quite wrong. He hasn't admitted it, but I'm convinced DJ planned our trip to take in the maximum number of states in 14 days driving without Louis or me getting on the next flight back to DC. To recap: we're driving from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, passing through Arizona, Utah and Colorado en route. That's five. Doubling Louis' entire state count. (Too bad DC is just a district.) 

So far, so exciting. Hard to top you might think. But you'd be wrong. As we cruised out of the bonus nation we clocked up, we swung past the most thrilling place in the entire US for map nuts. I'm talking the Four Corners: the only place in the entire United States (and remember, it's a big country and there are 50 of them) where four, yes, I said four, states meet at a single point. Luckily for the Navajo, it falls within their reservation, so they get to call it a "Monument" and charge 3 bucks ahead for the privilege of taking the obligatory snapshot. As you can see, we fell for it. Only Louis (despite his illness) managed the tourist trick of managing to get a limb in each state for the photo though. 

After that, it was bye-bye desert and hello mountains - literally within the space of about half an hour. This really is an incredible driving holiday. And that from someone who hates being in the car.  

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