Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bad medicine - by Daddy J

Monument Valley sunset

Extra excitement over the past 24 hours is the addition not only of our third state (Utah) but a whole new Nation - the Navajo have had their own government since 1923 and Monument Valley is all theirs. The guidebooks are full of advice about how to behave appropriately (no staring, no photos, no booze) toward the tribesfolk all hinting at their stand-offish and inscrutable nature. 

It sounded like the perfect challenge for our intrepid young pale face. He's had passersby declaiming his cuteness at every stop, so surely he'd have even these proud people crumpling eventually?

Alas at the crucial moment our superhero's powers appear to have deserted him. A tickly cough and a bit of a temperature have left him sub-dude. Bad medicine? Perhaps. Or maybe he's just trying to tell his crazy parents to stop dragging him out of bed for those freezing dawn photo shoots.

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ezwicker said...

beautiful pix... i'm really enjoying following your trip. hope louis feels better!