Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby Butlins, Chania

Captain Monkey's breakfast
Louis and Raphael
Posing on the Marimekko cushions

So, it turns out that despite our odyssey to get here, Daddy J might just have struck holiday gold with his choice of hotel. Not only is the Ammos, near Chania, an i-escape pick (that website will bankrupt us, damn it), but it also does a mean sideline as a Baby Butlins.

Forget designer one-pieces; the accessory des vacances is a cute toddler. From Mathis and Athena, to Raphael and Noé, the Ammos is swimming in little playmates for Louis. And being one of Crete’s few boutique hotels, the Ammos attracts a cosmopolitan crowd, making poolside playtime into a virtual UN crèche. In fact, we wondered whether Nikos, the owner, had some sort of EU-style quota system in operation when it came to bookings: we counted Dutch, German, French, Poles, Brits, Greeks, Italians and even Danes, Swiss, Icelanders and Russians among the guests. Louis will be practically chattering in Esperanto by the time we get home.

Nikos apparently has a website called Baby Friendly Boltholes to “thank” for his baby magnet status. I am still trying to decide whether that's a website to use - or avoid in the future. If this stay has been anything to go by, then having other babies around is a real bonus. For one thing, it makes all the parents heaps friendlier. You have to be when your little ones are all sharing toys and splashing in the sea together. Which means that come bedtime, we've got someone to share a glass or two of wine with as well. Double bonus. 


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Having spent most my adult life trying to avoid other people on holidays, we now positively embrace them. Children can play with other children (result!) leaving adults in peace (result!) and making for a much more relaxed holiday (result!). Win win win win win situation all round. When they stop wanting to come on holiday with their parents then we'll go back to our solitary ways.

Babies who brunch said...

Hear, hear. We really enjoyed meeting the parents we did on holiday too. Made a nice change to just wondering to each other who the other guests were. (Okay, I admit it, I'm just nosy!)