Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Louis Samson

Working the mullet look
Matching bouffants

Call me shallow but one of the most pressing concerns I had when Louis was tiny concerned his hair. Namely, would all the lovely locks he was born with fall out? And, more pressingly, how long would they take to grow back? Not that bald babies aren't cute.... it's just that hair looks pretty good too.

Fast forward 16 months and I can report that Louis did keep most of his hair, save a slight stripe round the middle (which apparently his Dad lost too). But happily it wasn't long before Louis's bouffant was rivaling his Dada's. (See photo above.)

Interestingly, it seems that Louis shared my early worries. I know this because he won't let me near him with a pair of scissors. I've tried on several occasions, but he's having none of it. If I so much as pick up a pair, he starts pulling the most miserable face while frantically combing his hair flat; he's clearly very proud of that blonde "bouffe", as it's colloquially known in our family.

More interestingly, those rare occasions I have managed to trim the odd bit (and I mean 'odd bit' - you should see how raggedy the back is), are always followed by Louis getting sick. In Bermondsey, in Athens, before we left for Paris the other day.... I'm starting to understand where Samson was coming from. One man's bouffe is another man's mojo.


WADs said...

aaww that pic is sooo cute! Baby Belle's hair is just starting to grow more now but she lost loads of it, She is 6 months now and it has gone from really dark to blonde too! Very strange :)

Camlily said...

We're gone from surfer dude long locks (www dot ludions dot com slash family slash family 29 dot html to council estate chic. His little friend at playgroup didn't recognise him today... at leastit'll grow back, I think... but not as blonde, I fear.