Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Toddler logic

(A piece of watermelon; but it might as well be a sausage!)

You've got to love a toddler's logic. And here's two reasons why: 

1. Louis and the sausage. 
It's the end of a BBQ at ours. So far, so delicious: Geof and DJ have enjoyed some Mummy-made beefburgers and sausages, while Louis and I have tucked into the usual vegetarian barbecue fare of aubergines, peppers and some halloumi for good measure. There may even have been a corn on the cob. But now Louis is trying to work out how he can wangle some ketchup. I attempt to point out that he can't have any because, "ketchup is just for sausages". So Louis, my darling veggie son who hitherto has turned up his nose at even the scant bit of chicken I've reluctantly offered him, immediately declares: "Louis wants a sausage." 
Me: "Really? But Mummy doesn't like sausages."
Louis: "Louis likes sausages!"
Me: "Really? Are you sure? Mummy really doesn't like sausages."
Louis, smiling: "Louis LIKES sausages." 
Me, grimacing: "Okay then....." 
And, readers, he ate the sausage; well, half of it. Liberally doused in ketchup. 

2. Louis and the bicycle
One of Louis' best books is one that a friend bought him just before we jetted off for DC: Little Louis Takes Off. It tells the tale of a little swallow, little Louis, who can't fly, so instead of flying south with his family for the winter, he has to travel in an aeroplane. After (re-)reading it the other day, I contrast "Little Louis in the book" with "Big Louis" who is reading it. 
Pause, as Louis' brain works overtime to recall all those conversations (aka tantrums) we've had about bicycles that conclude with me telling him that 'no, he can't have a bicycle until he's a big boy'....
Louis: "So now Louis is big, Louis can have a bicycle!"

Tell me how I can argue with that?! 


CC said...

outstanding logic, louis! we'll have to try to stay two steps ahead of them.

Planethalder said...

They trump us every time :-)