Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OBAMA DAY - part I

Inauguration Eve: Lafayette Square

The build up 

It's hard to convey the sense of excitement in a city that for the first time since we arrived really seems to be living up to its Chocolate City epithet. Even yesterday, walking home from downtown via the White House, the crowds were insane. DC was already one big street party. Check out this family, who had gathered here from all over the US to be part of history. That's Louis on the parade route outside the back of the White House. We'll be lucky to get within a mile of that spot today. 

It's a little after 9am and we're just leaving to meet Katy, Jason and Sophie (who is celebrating her half-birthday day) to try and claim a little piece of turf on the Mall from which to watch the swearing in. It's minus alot out there - I figure it's actually best not to know plus fahrenheit gets confusing below 32. With the wind chill the temperature sounds pretty frightening. I'd better go bundle up Louis. Daddy J has been on the Capitol steps since before dawn so he's already one big icicle. He'll be guest blogging later for sure. 

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