Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dupont Halloween

Louis was worried that with so much attention focused on certain other big events going on this week - his Grandma Penny's visit, his Mommy's first birthday as a Mom, a certain election - he'd missed his Halloween blogging deadline. But he was so keen to share his thoughts and pics from 31 October that we've granted him an extension. 

He dressed up as a skellington for the local tots costume parade, even though he was worried he'd have no body to go with. Louis must have been the only American bubster wearing a Halloween costume sent from the UK (thanks G'ma). We gathered by the fountain on Dupont Circle along with a cross section of Disney characters, Jack O' Lanterns, farmyard animals and a couple of DC specials. I'm talking mainly about the little chap - he can't have been more than 9 months - who came dressed up as Barack Obama in a little navy suit with his lapel studded with Vote Obama stickers. I would have taken a picture but he'd been sick on his collar and was being a little fractious. 

Then it was on up to our American Mom friend Lisa's house to hang out while she was trick or treated and have dinner. Although the sales guy in the CVS we raided to re-up the candy stash awarded his top costume and general cutester prize to your own special little blogger, a handful of other outfits caught our eye. I'm thinking of the little chap who turned up as a foreclosed (that's American for repossessed) house, the boy who dressed up as a tax attorney (bet he's popular in the playground) and the primly dressed little girl who I thought for a minute was Sarah Palin but who turned out to be Nancy Drew; she collected her candy in her vintage purse. (But we did clock at least one Sarah Palin lookalike while walking home.)

Poor old Louis is going to find Halloween 09 a bit of a let down: in Bermondsey there are no treats, only tricks and Mummy will be lying low....

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