Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Glorious 4th?

Louis and I have temporarily given up trying to find us an election party to crash and intend to focus instead on some live blogging. So far we can bring you the breaking news that: polling has started in 26 states and New Yorkers are queueing up with.... their dogs. Never let it be said that babieswhobrunch doesn't bring you the big stories! And Obama has just cast his ballot in an unseasonably warm Chicago. It took him about 15 minutes of scratching his head in the poll booth, so let's hope he ticked the right box. 

Meanwhile, DJ may be grateful for the unusual November warmth in Chicago, where he's spending most of the next 24 hours outside, but here on the east coast the weather gods have been less kind. It's pouring in Virginia, a key swing state, which never bodes well for getting people out to vote. I was planning a trip to Alexandria, a DC suburb, which is in Virginia, so that Louis could entertain the voters queueing at the polling stations but am having second thoughts....

Update from our Boston correspondent, aka Gma Penny who flew up there this morning: Bostonians are queueing round the block at the Boston Public Library, which her cab driver said was a first. For what it's worth, he was v gloomy, peddling the line that the voting machines had all been tampered with so that a vote for Obama would simply register as one for McCain. Maybe that's why Obama took his time in Chicago! 

Although, Karl Rove (Bush's former spin meister) of all people is predicting 338-200 electoral vote victory for Obama, which would be the biggest margin since 1996. One thing is for sure, if McCain scoops it then a lot of pollsters will be looking for new jobs. 

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