Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Fever

If elections are like a bug then today was the day that DC needed hospitalising. The city went election crazy, with almost everyone we passed proudly touting their "I voted" lapel stickers. Cafes, shops and bars were all falling over themselves to cash in on the political vibe. Voters who got up early to brave the polling queues were able to boost their blood sugar levels with free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and coffee on tap at Starbucks. 

Louis and I had our taster of election fever at Busboys and Poets, DC's own mini Grant Park for Obama fans. The cafe-cum-bookstore is hot on progressive political tomes, mainly featuring Barack. By tea time, its red, blue and white festooned walls were already bursting and we barely squeezed in. My Obama baby (as oppose to a "Drill, baby, drill", as one man put it) was a big hit. He certainly enjoyed himself, giggling and smiling away, much to the delight of the gathered Barack acolytes. For a five month old, he wasn't bad company, either and seemed more than up for partying all night. But after a couple of hours of utter over stimulation my Mummy conscience got the better of me and I dragged him away. (I must have already broken every rule in the baby books by even taking him in the first place.)

So now we're back at the flat watching the elections results roll in, and with the networks all calling Pennsylvania for Obama, Louis and I are finally starting to believe in the dream. (He was up just now to check on the result - it's all a bit too exciting for him to stay asleep.) CNN is showing a very flat looking Republican party at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona: lucky, lucky DJ for landing the Chicago gig instead of that one. 

Breaking news: Obama has won Ohio, the swing state featured in an earlier post. No Republican has ever won the White House without Ohio. Could it already be game, set and match Barack at barely half-past nine? I sure am regretting not splashing out on that airfare to Chicago....

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