Friday, February 27, 2009

A Grand dawn


Down below the canyon rim 

You'd think seeing sunrise would be the one thing you could count on when travelling with a baby. But it was me who had to get Louis up this morning. He'd woken at 5.30am, had some milk, and then fallen back asleep at 5.55am, five minutes before our alarm was due to go off. I hesitated for a millisecond and then figured dawn over the Grand Canyon was probably on the don't miss list, even for an eight month old. To his credit, Louis was delighted to be up and about so early - until we got to the canyon rim that was. With snow still on the ground and ice under foot it made for - another - chilly outing for him. 

What with all that fresh air - Louis went for his inaugural hike this afternoon, (part way) down into the canyon - the poor boy was sporting the weather beaten cowboy look by this evening. Just in time for his trip into Injun territory tomorrow. 

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