Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our very own Vegas Baby

Louis and the slots at the Bellagio

So it turns out that Vegas, USA's party capital, is perfect for babies. Think about it: Sin City never sleeps, and neither do they. Elvis could have written Viva Las Vegas especially for the under-ones with lyrics like: "How I wish that there were more than 24 hours in the day; even if there were 40 more I wouldn't sleep a minute away." Trust Louis to take his words literally. 

Never mind. It meant we were rubbing shoulders with the most dedicated of gamblers come 8 o'clock the next morning. By lunchtime we'd already had a whistlestop tour of the world - Las Vegas style. Paris? Check. New York? Check. Venice, Lake Como and Ancient Rome? Check, check, check. We lingered among the gondoliers at the Venetian so that Louis could catch a show. He loved the backflipping Harlequin and the opera singers in St Mark's Square and they loved him, rather unconventionally coming over to congratulate him on his cuteness after they'd finished performing. 

To be honest, seeing Vegas with a baby probably beat seeing Vegas without one. Having Louis in tow meant we could skip all the Vegas nonsense we didn't fancy. Like walking down the Strip swigging sugary Margaritas from a replica Eiffel Tower, or gambling away our night's hotel budget on the one-arm bandits. Just as well considering I've never even mastered playing a slot machine let alone any other casino games. We didn't even have to splash out on any of the over priced Vegas shows. Then again, with Louis we didn't need to. Walking around with him was like walking around with our own one-baby show: I reckon we could have charged good money every time he treated someone to one of his special new waves or his new crinkly smiles. 

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