Thursday, February 5, 2009

White House Yogi

"Let me just adjust you"
Final relaxation - aka Relaxation! Finally!

Turns out Louis isn't the only high-flying Washingtonian to seek refuge in shavasana when he needs to de-stress. In another top political scoop, babieswhobrunch can reveal that when it all gets a little too much for the top man in the West Wing then he, too, will reach for his yoga mat. 

Yup, unlikely as it sounds Rahm 'Rahmbo' Emmanuel, Obama's brass-balled chief-of-staff is a yoga devotee. Hardly something you'd expect of a man likened to a pit bull by his former employer, Bill Clinton. I imagine Rahmbo prefers to keep his inner yogi under wraps for fear that images of him chanting "Om" might ruin his reputation as one of Washington's sharpest political operators. It's a bit like suggesting Don Corleone was a keen knitter. 

As for whether there might be something in those images of "Ombama"  after all, well, watch this space. BWB has heard that the President is not adverse to the idea of a few sun salutations. Rahmbo is trying to find Obama a window for some classes with his personal Washington guru. Given how beautiful she is, I'd warrant Michelle will also develop a sudden interest in yoga were that to happen. 

Talking of yoga, now that Louis finds downward dog a doddle, he's graduated from the babies' class to the crawlers'. You can find him of a Friday chanting with his chums or, as the picture above shows, helping one of the other Moms with her poses. If Obama does take up yoga Louis could always give him a few tips. 

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