Sunday, October 5, 2008

DC Baby

That's it. Louis is officially a Washingtonian. If that's what you call a DC-ite. How come? Because he spent the afternoon chilling in Dupont Circle. Or should that be on? Dupont Circle, for our UK readers, is one of the capital's sightseeing highlights. That is to say it features in the DC Neighbourhoods section of the Time Out guide and on my one and only previous trip to DC we duly trekked there to see what all the fuss was about. 

At the time we weren't too sure - Dupont Circle being essentially a giant roundabout. Hyde Park-esque, only with a smaller statue in the middle. But now we're residents we totally, like, get it. The fountain in the middle (honouring the Civil War admiral Samual Francis Dupont don't cha know) is surrounded by grass, which is where Dupontites like to hang of a sunny Saturday afternoon. Proof that the Circle has official "hanging" status lies in the fact that the area has WiFi. Cue Apple MacBooks all round. 

Hanging in Dupont capped a typically DC Saturday for Louis that started at 9.30am with a yoga class. His cobras have to be seen to be believed. And as for his lotus.... His shavasna needed a little work though as he didn't feel like lying still. Then it was brunch with friends (he has to live up to his babieswhobrunch moniker after all) before a leisurely stroll round the shops. Life's tough for a baby - and his official minder! We're off to the Dupont Farmers' Market in the morning. And it's only a 10 minute stroll from our flat. Who needs Borough?  

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