Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopaholic and baby

Who'd have thought that Louis and Sarah Palin would have had something in common? No, not their coyness about which newspapers they read and no, not even their inability to point to Russia on a globe but rather their personal shopping budgets. Turns out those foxy (for a Republican) skirt suits and killer heels don't come cheap. She blew $75K on a single trip to Neiman Marcus alone (note to Louis's Mom: don't, repeat, don't go and check out the DC branch). Relative to their body masses, that's on the level of Louis's Patagonia splurge last week. 

Surely, however, the Democrat sniping about La Palin's profligacy is missing the point? Rather than rubbing those Hockey Moms' noses in the proverbial, she was actually performing her patriotic duty of keeping the tills ringing. Just think of the trickle down effects of her shopping. Someone has to clean all those glitzy department stores after the big spenders have gone home. 

On second thoughts, perhaps Louis and Moose-killing Mommy Palin don't have that much in common after all. Louis's per diem from the UK government comes in at barely $5 a day; the Alaskan governor sought $17,000 in daily living reimbursements from her state's government. And as for their view on strollers.... Does Mommy Palin seriously think it's okay to push poor Trig around in a $295 stroller? Given the $150,000 she dropped on outfits and hair maintenance you'd think she could have stretched to a fancier pram.  

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