Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Less Iraq, more Spag Bol

For an election said to hang on the youth vote, Louis reckons the presidential candidates did a pretty poor job last night of appealing to the nation's children. Where were their policies on pocket money? On staying up beyond 7pm? Or eating spaghetti bolognese every night of the week? 

What's more, all this talk about bailing out Wall Street is one thing, but who, he demands to know, is going to bail out Father Christmas (sorry, Santa Claus) come December? It may only be October, but with Macy's putting the finishing touches to its "Holiday" department this week, Louis knows it's never too soon to start worrying about how those stockings are going to get filled. Especially when it's your first ever Christmas. 

That said, a special poll conducted this morning for babieswhobrunch puts Obama head and shoulders ahead of Grandpa McCain in the race for the White House. The clincher? Obama's promise during the debate to "help the people who need help", which our pollster interpreted as the first real reference to babies that he's heard so far during the campaign. How useful Obama will be in helping to ensure Louis gets more time on his jungle gym playmat or more feeds during the day isn't clear but our young pollster is looking forward to hearing more during the final debate next week. 

And as Louis never tires of reminding me - especially when he's wet - there's only one candidate who stands for change. Talking of which..... 

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hands said...

just cos'Louis' dad was fed spagbol every night of his (early)life!