Monday, October 20, 2008

Powell for Obama! (Gosh-darn)

So Colin Powell can't have thought much of Sarah Palin's cameo as herself on Saturday Night Live. Word was he'd been waiting for the veep contender to mess up before endorsing Barrack Obama. Babieswhobrunch readers will know the former Secretary of State had hoped to back him after the vice-presidential debate but Palin somehow scraped through. Seven weeks of listening to the Alaskan Governor's controversial campaigning, however, and Powell finally cracked, much to the excitement of our young news puppy who is claiming the story as his first scoop. (We'll gloss over the fact that there may have been one or two other rumours in the blogosphere about the potential Powell endorsement.)

Whether Powell's backing will be the knock-out blow that delivers Obama the White House will not be clear for another two weeks but there is no denying its value. Not least because his rival, John McCain, is clearly losing the battle for big endorsements.

Louis thinks McCain has only himself to blame for running a poor campaign. And no he's not referring to the hostile tone that it's adopted. Rather, our young newshound thinks McCain missed a trick by failing to court the vital youth vote: DC is swimming with Obama onesies (one today said "Babies for Obama because yes it is time for a change") but there are no McCain ones to be had for love nor money. Phew! Otherwise in the interest of BBC dependents' impartiality he might have had to wear one! 

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