Friday, October 17, 2008


In Britain, stressed out babies are lucky if they get given a dummy but over here it is quite a different story. When the world all gets a little bit too much, DC tots can realign their chakras at one of the capital's baby-and-me yoga classes. Given how much yoga Louis got up to in utero, it's no surprise that he's taken to it well. Thursday's class at Tranquil Space is the highlight of his (or should that be Mom's?) week. 

You can see him here getting in a cheeky cobra before the teacher arrived. His latest girlfriend, Sophie, is practicing her corpse pose on the mat just behind him. So far, his favourite position is upward dog, although his child's pose is pretty good too. He's very excited because there's talk of a yoga retreat next month at Great Falls, a park just outside Washington where the Potomac River plunges through a deep gorge. 

I know Louis's Grandma is worried that he'll turn into Bertie, the 5-year-old protagonist in Alexander McCall Smith's 44 Scotland Street series, who deeply resents being dragged to yoga of a Saturday by his pushy Mum, but for now he is relishing the chance to broaden his social circle beyond his Bermondsey NCT baby chums. 

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Nina said...


Mike's just tipped me on on this fabulous blog, and I don't want to miss the opportunity to send you greetings from rainy Frankfurt (this totally underestimated German town that only comes to glory after dark, when the lights of the high-rises reflect in the Main river)!

After spending my morning eating dry biscuits with Steinbrueck and the comrades from IG Metall, this blog is like a breath of fresh air!

I love your comments on Louis first yoga session, and can only congratualte him on his excellent posture!

In fact, I may soon start borrowing my friends' infants, just to drag them to yoga classes and special yoga retreats.

Good luck & speak soon,