Thursday, October 2, 2008

Powell for Obama?

Never let it be said that the life of a stay-at-home Mum, sorry, "Mom", is all babies and breastmilk. We can do politics too. The word on the babieswhobrunch hill is that if a certain veep nominee fluffs her debating debut tonight then a certain African-American ex Secretary of State will finally come out in favour of Obama. (That's Colin Powell just to spell it out.)

Word is that Bush's former right hand man has been waiting for just the right moment to deliver his body blow to McCain's campaign and what could be more perfect than Sarah Palin's first unscripted moment in front of the nation she is utterly incredibly vying to lead?

Now I clearly cannot reveal my sources but let me just say that I heard that from someone who is very close to someone who knows. Okay so we're living in Washington, DC, so pretty much everyone can claim to have the ear of someone who works in the corridors of power but as a budding news puppy Louis was keen for his first blog entry to get people talking. 

He's already the talk of DC. (That's Louis, not Colin or even Barack.) Judging by the way people's faces melt when they see him, Washington has never seen a cuter baby. Louis is already doing his bit for Barack: he's worn his Obama'08 "onesie" twice already. It's hard to judge whether liberal Washingtonians smile more at his cuteness or his political nous. (I just nod and tell them that he watched last week's debate and made his own mind up.) Luckily the onesie is clean for tonight's debate - whether Louis will manage to stay awake for it is another matter. 


Grandma Penny said...

We look forward to seeing a photo of this 'onesie', Louis, and to hearing your comments on the debate!

bex4th said...

Fantastic stuff!!! I love your blog

Louis - keep your ear to the ground and keep feeding us all those political tidbits.
Henrietta says: "Louis -look after my country" - she gets a passport and feels all sorts of ownership. Maybe she should have run for VP - her vocabulary is up to at least 6 words more or less.

Love the onesie!

Bex xxx