Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crossing the line

"Sosee milk"
And again
And again

As a Mum, you're constantly battling not to do things. One of the hardest is not crossing the line. My course faltered today when, in an attempt to grasp one of my Louis days rather than let it grasp me, I decided we'd go to that south-east London Mummy magnet, the Horniman Museum. So far, so good. (I'll gloss over the fact that, as per, I left an hour later than intended.) Mummies like it because kids like it - there's lots to see, with the mini aquarium a particular hit. Plus there's precious little else to do in that particular corner of London.

But first, again as per, I needed a coffee. Or, a "cossee" as Louis calls it, seeing as he can't do "fs" for some reason. As ever, I asked for a small cup of warm milk for Louis - or "sosee (frothy) milk" in Louis speak. Because we were smack bang in Nappy Valley land, instead of getting a small cup of frothy milk, Louis got a "babyccino", complete with sprinkling of chocolate. And I got a bill for 50p. Which I don't mind, but considering it was a tiny espresso cup with about three teaspoons of froth, it lasted Louis all of about 30 seconds. So I asked for a little bit more. And got charged another 50p.

It's not that I'm bothered about the money, but there's something about the babyccino branding that makes me feel like a fool for crossing that line, that mug line, which separates sensible Mums who don't waste their cash on all sorts of baby paraphernalia and other Mums who do. Especially when £1 doesn't even buy you five minutes to drink your coffee. I realise I probably sound stingy but "babyccinos" just make me feel I've been had. Like I do when I buy anything made by Organix (I'm thinking particularly of those mini boxes of raisins) or those pouches of fruit purees (surely a banana or two would do the same trick?).

Happily, our particular grotty bit of south London hasn't cottoned on to the con of babyccinos. When it does, it might really be time to move. Especially since I'm willing to bet that there's a strong correlation between the prevalence of babyccinos on cafe menus and house prices. Now there's a house price index that might make interesting reading.


A Modern Mother said...

You made me laugh! You are right ... crossing the line into yummy-mummy-dom! We only have babycinnos at Pizza Express, and only one of my daughters drinks them.

Grandma Penny said...

They do have to wash up the cup and spoon, or fund the paper cup ... is there a different price for take-out?

solveig said...

Haha! Surely they are supposed to be free!

Victoria said...

I laughed so loud I nearly woke the smallest child from lunchtime sleep! You are spot on in every regard. Its froth for god's sake, why do they need 25p for it. You know why? "They" know we mum's need that coffee but have small people who make the experience anything other than what we imagine it should be. Marketing people should be culled regularly.

Victoria said...

That should have been 50p! See my brain just wouldn't let me type the amount first time around.

Babies who brunch said...

Thanks Victoria. Grandma Penny had made me feel really stingy!!

We just had the best one btw. (Can't bring myself to call it a babyccino although the lady making it and so then did Louis...!) She even did chocolate letters on the top, just like on mine. If you want to try it too, it was Sobo, on Tower Bridge Road..... And no, they didn't charge me. Although everytime someone says 'Oh, a Babyccino?' when I ask for frothy milk, I'm sure they are going to bill me!

Michelle said...

lol, my kids have been deprived! Mich x