Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looking back in fondness

If bwb was a newspaper I'd have got my reminiscing about 2009 over with by about November, such is the rush to beat rival publications to write the same stuff. But seeing it's my blog, which makes me the editor, I'll allow myself some flexibility to pause for a second to look back on the previous 12 months. I need to because Josie at the brilliant Sleep Is For The Weak, which is something of a kindred blog spirit, tagged me in a High 5 meme (am still not really sure what this actually is....) that requires me to tell you about my top five highlights of 2009.

So here goes. In no particular order.

1. Inauguration day, 20 January 2009
He might not be my President, and he might be struggling a bit just now in the popularity stakes, but no matter: being there for Obama's inauguration has to rate as a high spot, if only because we made it to the Mall on a bitterly cold day to soak up the atmosphere from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and to - kind of - see Obama getting sworn in. We being me and Louis as DJ was down the other end where all the action was actually happening. Thanks, of course, to Katy and Jason and Sophie coming with us; plenty of other (more sensible?) moms opted to watch it from the warm of their living rooms.

2. Standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon at dawn
Okay, so I won't make all of these about America, but this has to be up there, if only because we've got a photo of us all looking pretty darn happy up in our kitchen so I must have enjoyed it. Again, we made it out despite the bitter cold, and come sunrise had the top spot to watch the new day break all to ourselves. Truly magical. Even if it did make Louis sick.

3. That first "Mummy"
It's hard to pick a Louis highlight; there were so many. But that first time he said Mummy, properly, was a real bright spot. Even though he made me wait for it. The only thing that topped it was when he started saying "Mummy cuddle" when he wanted a hug. Or as a get-out-of-Louis-jail card when he's been naughty!

4. Those night feeds
Well, maybe not quite all of them. But seriously, nursing Louis for as long as I did was very special. It might sound bonkers, but I particularly treasure the memories of us all snuggled up in bed together with him feeding away. Despite the fatigue, we said at the time that we'd miss it if he ever made it back to his crib. And we meant it. All the other mums (and dads) who enjoy that closeness will know what I mean.

5. That first lunch a deux
I can't resist one more from DC. Sorry London, but that's just how it goes. This one is up there because it was just one of those magic moments, the first time Louis and I went out for lunch together. It was totally spontaneous - we were on the way to the hospital for a check up after a particularly grim illness and one or both of us needed a snack. I forget which. So we went to Kafe Leopold, a particularly special DC spot (thanks again Katy) and shared their delicious cucumber salad on a table for two. Even at just on nine months old he felt very grown up and I knew I'd really look forward to many more lunches to come.

I think I'm supposed to tag another five blogs to do likewise now, but I'm not sure they'll thank me for it now we're in to January? Can someone advise? Should I just ask people what they're most looking forward to in 2010? Am not sure of the meme etiquette....

PS DJ has just roundly criticised this for missing out at least another five major highlights. So either he'll post with his top five or I might need to do another blog!


Tattie Weasle said...

These are super cool memes! I am so jealous! I longed to be with everyone on the Mall such a special day. But although it didn't happen this year I still remember my fist Mummys - adn I too have a young chap whos does Mummy cuddle thing (although his is "Mummy Huggie" - evil little toad!!!)

Iota said...

I think meme etiquette is pretty flexible. I should just do what you want. You don't have to pass it on, if you don't want to.

Your list is great. So varied.

The "night feeds" one struck a chord with me. I didn't realise how much I loved those night feeds, until I was reading a book on how to get your baby to sleep through the night, and there was a section on "are you sure you're really wanting this? are you sure the problem isn't YOU?". I thought (a) yes, I did really want my nights of sleep back, but also suddenly realised (b) gosh, yes, I would miss those intimate times. The book quoted a mother who described them as her bonus moments with the baby, able to focus and enjoy the little one without simultaneously attending to the needs of older siblings, answering the phone, wondering what to cook for dinner, etc etc.

I'd love to see the Grand Canyon too. Definitely on my list of US things to do.

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak said...

Happy New Year!

Love your amazing list of memories. And yes, funnily I miss the night feeds a little too. So much so, I'm already thinking about getting to do it all over again. I'm enjoying the sleep though, it has to be said... ;)

Things still going well here, though VERY inconsistent and Kai's still usually waking up once or twice. Getting naps right seems to be key, not too much sleep and not too little at the right times, but when we get it right he's sleeping like a dream - 12 hours straight yesterday night!

Love to you and the family x

Babies who brunch said...

Thanks for all those comments. We were so very lucky last year that picking five top bits was tricky. 20.01.09 was amazing. It made up for the fact that on election night I hadn't dared take my 5mo out solo in the rain to the spontaneous party outside the White House.

And Iota, our southwest roadtrip was a massive highlight. A nightmare, too, but also a highlight!

Josie: thanks. I daren't write about Louis and his sleeping.... Scared of jinxing it.... But I will, one of these days. Happy New Year! x