Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not even snowed in

Walking the sheep
Inaugural snowman (sort of)
Kent snow
Call me heartless, but I have little time for anyone bemoaning being housebound because of the snow. (Disclaimer: it's my lifelong ambition to be snowed in.) When you've spent the past week trapped at home with a sickening toddler - and I mean one who kept getting more ill not one that's just really annoying - you'd long just to be stuck at home because of the snow. At least you can bundle up and go outside and play in snow; a sick toddler just has to stay indoors. And so does his Mum.

Or, rather, that's what she's supposed to do. In reality, ever since the white flakes started falling I've been desperate to get Louis outside. Fever or no fever. Not that he had a temperature when it first started snowing last week. Somehow though that changed on Saturday night, although for some reason we didn't that that detract from our Sunday mission of hunting some 'proper' snow after making do with the scant dusting that had fallen on London thus far. I guess the outing was a mistake. Pretty though the Kentish hillside was. I guess, too, that I should have stayed home all day on Monday - and Tuesday, rather than head to check out a still snowy Greenwich Park.

Five days, several high temperatures, one chesty cough, a horrid cold and an ear infection later, perhaps next time he starts to get sick I should stay put. Although that's easier said than done with a toddler. It's all very well being stuck at home if you're ill yourself: bring on the daytime telly, lunchtime duvet sessions and Lemsips. But try telling a toddler to just chill and watch a DVD, even if it is Charlie and "Lala".

For next time - for there will certainly be one - can someone please tell me what exactly you are supposed to do with a sick child under two? I haven't even managed to put him down for a nap the past three days because he'll only sleep entwined in my arms or on my chest. In "Mummy bed". Am not sure how I've just got away with a whole 90 minutes off. No doubt he's about to wake up coughing. Never mind, I'm told all the germs are good for him. Something about building up his resistance. All I can say is I hope it gets good and strong really fast. Especially as he's - gulp - got to start nursery next month.


Jacqui said...

My little girl just fought off a very similar sounding nasty bug. My partner - a natural born worrier - wanted to rush her straight to hospital, and I practically had to barricade the front door to stop him taking her out in the freezing cold, in the middle of the night. Sure enough, she came right in a few days. There was a slight relapse, when my partner once again launched straight into hysterics, but she is now running about as good as new, reminding me why I gave her the nickname 'Hurricane Lucia'.

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak said...

Oh no! Poor Louis and poor you. I'm currently typing one handed as a very snotty Kai morosely watched CBeebies and sighs a lot. I'm really hoping this is one of those 48 hours, easy come easy go type bugs because I do not fancy a week of this!

Hope your little guy is feeling much better very soon x

Babies who brunch said...

I know baby bugs are a rite of mumhood but they really suck. Am v worried about Louis' new Charlie and Lola dependency.... hope Kai okay and glad Lucia all better. It's hard to imagine them ever coming right again at the time.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Sick kids are just miserable all round. Miserable for them, miserable for the Mums. Hope you don't get it as a well kid and a sick Mum is purgatory!

One of the weird and unexpected bonuses of being in Bosnia has been the much less frequent sickness bugs. I'm so dreading our return, we'll be sick all summer.

A Modern Mother said...

Despite all the complaining, I quite enjoyed being snowed in. It made a change. I had to giggle at charlie and lala!