Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow blind

I usually forget everything I read. I could own only 10 books and I'd probably still be surprised how each one ends. I can barely even recall what happens in Rebecca despite having read it countless times. Which means most of my pre-Louis reading was utterly pointless, and not just because it turns out I'm not such a fan of baby "tips". But one piece of advice did stick in my mind from a book called something silly like the Yummy Mummy handbook (but which turned out to be surprisingly good). It was to avoid taking your new child skiing. At all costs. Apparently all the thrills of a ski trip - the mountain peaks, the sub-zero temperatures, the eye-watering descents - aren't exactly baby friendly.

So we steered clear of the slopes. For at least a year. And this despite being a stone's throw from Colorado's top powder resort last March. But 12 months on and my anti-skiing resolve has weakened. Or, rather, melted. After all, two years ago my stomach was the size of a small mountain so I had to give skiing a miss then too. But now. Now is a different story. Okay, I'm aware that skiing has to be about the least toddler-friendly holiday. And that's if they're old enough to hit the nursery slope; even resorts that start them young balk at 20 months. (Something to do with baby bones still growing. Although surely that applies all through childhood?)

But what to do with Louis? Other parent friends bailed on a joint trip - I had hoped we could take it in turns to babysit - and funnily enough Grandma Penny didn't jump at my ultimate elegant solution: getting her to come too! So instead we're testing out a ski package that bundles a creche into the mix. I have my doubts about whether it will work out. We've never left Louis in any sort of nursery (although watch this space) so I suspect he'll have something to say if we try and abandon him all day. Especially given his low tolerance threshold for group activities: he'd had enough of the local library's storytelling session well before it had finished and started saying 'Luli home, Luli home'.

Still, given our expertise in tag-team parenting, I'm hopeful that DJ and I can at least take it in turn to hit the slopes. And contrary to some parents, my ideal holiday isn't actually one where I never see my toddler. Now all we need is for it to snow where we're going.


Muddling Along Mummy said...

We took Toddlergirl ski-ing last year and it was ok - our expectations were different from pre-children so afternoons playing in the snow with her were on the cards (she gets bored in nursery) but we did still manage some nice time on the slopes

Enjoy !

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

We took the boys skiing last year when they were nearly 2 and 3 1/2 and tagged teamed parenting which meant that there was some hurling ourselves down the pistes and the highest possible speeds, and then some playing and sledging in the snow. This year though, when they were nearly 3 and 4 1/2 it was French ski nursery for them and they LOVED it. The 4 1/2 year old now comes down the odd slope with the occasional turn and shouts hurry up mummy and the nearly 3 year old just stands hurls himself down the slope and waits to be caught at the bottom. But, it was great, they do love it and so will you. Where are you going? We're still wondering if we can fit another weekend in before we leave Bosnia (Sarajevo has surprisingly good skiing!)

Babies who brunch said...

Thanks for giving me hope. Am not optimistic about him lasting in the creche. But tag team skiing should work. I'd better start saving up now for kiddie ski school next year. (And the holiday)

We're going to Les Deux Alpes and staying in a hotel with a creche on site. I'd love to try skiing in Sarajevo. It's great hearing your kids took to it so well Brit. Def go for another weekend! Be sure to post about it.