Monday, January 4, 2010

In search of time

If today is indicative, Louis has resolved to climb more hills

Technically, I guess, one is supposed to make new year's resolutions somewhat earlier than 4 January. Or whatever date it is when I finish writing this. But seeing as I only just got round to posting my highlights of 09 I feel I'm kind of about on track. Plus everyone knows new year's resolutions never really kick in until about February.....

I often um and ah about whether to make resolutions: sometimes they can just add to one's general feelings of inadequacy (I'd already had alcohol, chocolate, crisps and a late night by 2 January), but as they kind of go with the whole liking the start of January thing, I reckon I should give them a shot. I've learnt from experience that they work best if you keep them simple. (My top year was when I resolved to get into the O.C. Seriously.)

I'm keeping them (it) simple again this year. Basically I want to find more time. For me, DJ, Louis, everyone really. My impetus was just coming off the phone with a very good friend I hadn't spoken to in probably a year. My excuse was that pretty much all of last year had vanished in a blur of trying to get Louis to sleep. That one task wiped out evening upon evening and destroyed whatever time I might have had spare in the daytime by making me too incoherent to speak. But if I could dare to hope that we might be past the worst on that front, then I should be able to make more time to do the 101 things I feel passed me by in 2009.

I'm not talking about anything grand: I might have listened wistfully yesterday to a friend telling me how he's managing to write an amazing sounding history book while holding down a 9 to 5 job, but I think I'd better save that particular resolution for another year. For now, I'd be happy just to be able to escape to the odd film, meet friends for a meal and somehow manage to visit my Dad/Grandpa/friend(s) in Scotland/Switzerland/DC/Brussels/Ealing. To make this resolution work, though, me finding more time means I need to work out how to spend less of this year operating a one-in, one-out parenting policy in this house and spend more of it with DJ.

If this week is anything to go by (he's working solidly, including through two nights until I go back to work on Thursday when he's then got four days off) then I'm going to have my work cut out. But it's still only 4 January (I've written this in one sitting) so for now, at least, I can still hope. (And while I'm at it, this resolution sits alongside the usual, namely: run that half-marathon, actually print out some photos of Louis, learn a new hobby, blog more frequently, eat less sugar, switch jobs, emigrate, make a wedding album, etc, etc, etc.........) How about anyone else?

PS Just saw this HuffPo piece on resolving to get more sleep. Another good one. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

More time sounds like a great resolution, and one that I share. In fact, I'd like more time ALTOGETHER, like maybe 28 hours in a day. I think an extra 4 might be just the ticket to accomplishing more.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

I reckon running Louis up and down that hill a lot will lead to more sleep et voila!

It is a good resolution. I think I might adopt it as I have yet to find my achievable resolution for 2010.

PS - re skiing. 18 months possibly a tad young, but Luke not quite 3 was into ski school and could move on skis, his brother at 4 1/2 is zooming around. You'll be skiing en famille before you know it!

Hot Cross Mum said...

I'm with you on more time. I'm not even going to bother with the usual resolutions this year, as I know I'll never do them! The bathroom will never be painted and I will never get round to printing out photos and making pretty albums - may as well accept that fact now rather than in 2015!

Metropolitan Mum said...

I am all for 4 hours more a day!

Discovered your blog through the Tots 100 - congratulations!

Babies who brunch said...

One week in and not sure I'm doing that well on the time front, but it's nice to know I'm not alone in wanting it!

And MM: thanks! Quelle surprise. As they say. I have no clue how that gets compiled so have no idea what I might have done to deserve it. I'll just have to credit Louis. Am sure he'll be chuffed!

PS BiB: am SO encouraged by your comments. Skiing blog coming up!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes want more hours in the day but then I'd have to fill 'em. You have plenty of time to make a few resolutions, I always think January is a strange month anyway because we're usually all coming down from being on a high over Christmas. This getting back to normal lark shouldn't start till February.

Best wishes for a wonderful year, CJ xx

A Modern Mother said...

You WILL get your life back, don't worry. The early years are very PHYSICAL (and tiring). Louis will do more and more for himself and then suddenly you'll be agonising over the new maths or some other school thing.

PS -- Emigrate? where?

WADs said...

yey I found you, I remember you from the Zoo but couldn't remember your blog...but have now. Louis was just the cutest little boy I have ever seen...'animals, animals'

I am with you on the 'more time' resolution, also one of mine!


Babies who brunch said...

CJ: You're certainly right on NY's resolutions not kicking in for a while... (if ever??)

AMM: Emigrate - anywhere. Still hanker after living in the States again. Have just come across the Nappy Valley Girl in Long Island blog but not sure I can read it because am too jealous!

WAD: Glad you found us! Was fun to meet you to. Am sure your little one will be 'animaling' too before long. I should find some more to show Louis......