Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Last night's party guests
New Year's Day

I like 1 January. Especially when I get a bonus day off work out of the blue (yes I know it's a bank holiday, but try telling that to a newspaper editor). It's a day when normal rules are suspended and time seems to pause before the onslaught of a fresh year starts in earnest on the 2nd. It's also a day full of hope and promise before the reality of life kicks back in. I especially 1 Januarys when they launch a new decade. This time 10 years ago we were living in Tbilisi and partying in Malindi to see in the new millennium. Fun as last night was - a NYE party for six adults and three toddlers at our house in London - I like the thought of imagining us living somewhere else in 10 years time. (I also like imagining us living somewhere else in one years time.....)

That said, for now, much as I could have fancied seeing in the new year somewhere glam, there was really nowhere else I'd have rather been than where we were, with very dear friends and an even dearer son. Thanks to the noisy fireworks in our street all three children were awake shortly after midnight so were able to join in the fun. I'd have been sad if Louis had slept through it all. Especially as he was up with us to celebrate last year. Strange to think that in another 10 years Louis will be 11 and a half. And we'll be properly old. If we're not already. Hopefully we'll all still be together, safe and having fun. Happy 2010 bwb readers.


CC said...

Oh, man! Looks like a lot of fun over there. We really wish we could have made the trip happen. Happy New Year!

Sandy Calico said...

Looks like a fab party to me. Happy New Year :-)

danyulo said...

I LOVE the film Susie! So lovely, and I giggled watching Louis spin a lot.
Looks you had a great fun! also it is so nice that Louis ended up joining you for the new years party after midnight. I wish Yoppy could join ours too.

We are so looking forward to seeing your amazing BWB10! Happy New Year!

Sonoko x - See you on Monday

A Modern Mother said...

Parties take on a new meaning when you have kids ... Happy New Year